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Office: +389 70 217 377 Mobile: +389 70 384 235 Address: Pitu Guli 40 Negotino, North Macedonia

We are a raw food company

Obtained EU organic certificate in 2018

We started Seed of Life to enable people to have access to healthy, sustainable food as life becomes increasingly dynamic and organic food should be an affordable luxury. Our mission at Seed of Life is to preserve the natural vitality and nutritional value in the food we consume. Every seed is endowed with new life, and that is the reason why we use seeds and nuts as the primary ingredient in every bite of our products. Our products are completely raw and vegan; chock full of vitamins, enzymes, fibers, as well as Omega-3 and Omega-6 essential fatty acids. Our research and development team is constantly focused on improving the quality and their creativity shines with new combinations of flavors. We opened the first laboratory test in 2014, while in 2015 the company has implemented the HACCP standard and was awarded with an official license for production and distribution.

Our Inspiration

The grandfather Stojan lived to 95 years of age. He ran 5 kilometers every day, practiced gymnastics and yoga, and spoke Esperanto- keeping in contact with over 50 countries around the world via letters. Perhaps most importantly, he was a devout vegan and ate only raw food. His diet of walnuts, dried apples, and sun-kissed apricots was our first encounter and best example of a raw vegan diet.


I met Nevenka on our first ever day of school. Every afternoon, we would do our homework together, listen to music, and make up endless games…

My lasting memory when I reflect on those times is that of two girls picking fresh fruits off of the trees in the backyard and making juices. The strawberries were our favorite. We didn’t have modern juicers, but we managed with our small hands to squeeze and strain the precious fruits. With the creative power of a children, we would name the juices after ourselves: Nevbil or Bilnev.
The years have gone by, but the idea to create healthful and delicious food only grew with time. We are continuously seeking methods to create natural vegan products. With our company, we hope to change the stigmas surrounding natural and vegan food starting in Macedonia, and continuing on to the world.
We succeeded! We created Seed of Life – a company creating wholesome, raw food. Our dream has become reality.
With love, Biljana Karapandzova