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Organic picnic in a City Park, SkopjeWe were a part of the beautiful picnic organized by Добра земја (Good earth). We met new people, and ate Wise Crackers…

Working towards healthy food with ООУ Страшо Пинџур, НеготиноWith cheerful children and lively hands, we made our own Wise Cracker sandwiches with crackers, dips, and spreads in Negotino.

Promotion of Wise Crackers with ООУ ЈХ Песталоци, СкопјеAn informational and promotional event about the benefits of raw, vegan food, and an abundance of fresh crackers for the students.

Handing out packets of Wise Crackers in the kindergartens of Negotino (Фемо Кулаков, Неготино)Santa Claus gave us full bags of Wise Crackers this Christmas!
(Active listening and participation in education about healthy food)

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Address: Pitu Guli 40 Negotino, Macedonia