Our products are made only with hand-picked finest ingredients and lots of love

With a full variety of locally produced seeds, nuts, and produce we make raw crackers

Seed of Life Crackers, Cumin and Cashews
Seed of Life Crackers, Pepper and Pumpkin Seeds
Seed of Life Crackers, Almonds and Rosemary

The Process is Simple


With our process, the inedible nuts and remaining natural byproducts are efficiently separated from the wholesome produce.

Washing and Soaking

The quality controlled seeds and nuts are washed in filtered water, and then soaked to improve nutrient bioavalability and create a tastier product.


The process continues with the partial grinding of the ingredients.


The finished product is created through a dehydration process, where the crackers are exposed to a maximum temperature of 46°Celsius.

Excellent for your health, excellent for our planet